Saturday, May 5, 2007

I love the smell of Free Comic Book Day in the morning.

The Dragon spreads quite a table for one of my favorite holidays, turning a marketing gimmick into, almost, a micro-convention. Aside from the rush to gather the free offerings that seem worthwhile (and honestly, in that price range... I'll try just about anything once), there were downright mighty discounts on back issues.

When slashed prices are cunningly combined with volume discounts, I am swiftly and easily parted with the contents of my bank account. Between the purchased books and the freebies, I walked out with at least a good fifty pieces of reading material.

And some quality stuff too. I'm working on branching out my Marvel back-issues beyond the X-book du'jour and I find that the water is quite pleasant.

I'm told that the Amazing Spider-Man offering for FCBD, penned by Dan Slott, is in-continuity. I'm curious as to where it is, in continuity. Some things seem to hint future, yet others seem to come from Spidey's past. Maybe it's just a big sign that the past year of Spider-Man's life is about to be retconned. Who knows? No, seriously... anybody have any thoughts?

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