Saturday, April 19, 2008

Better Late Than Never... The Secret Six Receive an Ongoing Series!

Several powerful staffing changes (The end of The Order, removing Matt Fraction from Iron Fist, Removing James Rodgers from The Blue Beetle, etc.) had drained my will to post for awhile. But this piece of news has finally revitalized my will to live.

The Secret Six were probably the best thing to come out of Infinite Crisis. (Though looking back, it seems that there wasn't much worth taking out of that particular event.) Nevertheless, a book that can make Catman as cool, or perhaps even cooler than Batman on some levels, has something very strong going for it.

I'd been actually wondering where these characters had been lately, going so far as to wonder if I needed to look for them in Salvation Run. But the news has come out from NY ComiCon... the Secret Six will receive a new ongoing book with Gail Simone as writer.

What else have I been up to? I'm still working with Jim Shelley on developing two interesting teams of characters for Flashback Universe. I'm also finally getting moving on trying to obtain the help of an artist in developing one of my concepts as a pitch. The concept is one I'm really excited about. It's very much a comic I'd want to read myself, and while I can think of one or two issues that work in kindof the same way, I don't think I've seen anything on the stands that's really like what I'm picturing. I posted requests for an artist/partner last night on a few artist sites, and I've already gotten a couple replies to look at.

I'll post more on that as things fall into place!