Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Creeping Crud Claims Another Victim

I haven't been reading or even thinking comics much over the past few days. I've got some nasty bug that won't just let go. I'm trying to rest up so that I won't have to cope with it when work rolls back around.

One thing of note, however. If I've preached to you about the greatness that is the Comic Collectorz database software package, I have one fewer reason to crow. Apparently as of this past November, they have changed one of their policies. When I purchased this package, and it really is a very good comics database, one of the features for purchasing the product was that you would receive all future upgrades free for life.

Now, sadly, they've had to change that promise. Those of us who purchased before November, 2006 will still receive all upgrades for free. However, anyone who has purchased since will have to pay for major upgrades. This functionally means you have to buy the software all over again, or use a version that will never be updated again. It's sad, but is a business, not a charity. I do still recommend them... theirs is a strong product, and even with purchasing major upgrades, it's financially much cheaper than Comicbase. But I think this is a chink that might make Comic Collector Live a stronger competitor.

If you use the latter, let me know what you think. I do have to confess, I'm intrigued by the intigrated store. But I like all of the information that lets me track.

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