Tuesday, May 1, 2007

And now for something completely different...

A Marvel rant.

I've been going on and on about DC for a couple of weeks now, so it's about time that I train my guns on the opposition. I'm a fair and balanced comic book reader, after all.

Would someone please tell me why Marvel has so much difficulty in publishing monthly comic book titles? It's something I've had a lot of trouble grasping. I've ranted about this before, you see. In fact, I was pretty much calling for Joe Quesada's job. My current tear is mostly coming from the stunned realization that Captain America #26 is almost a month late. #25 came out on 3/7/07. It'll be at least two months after that date that #26 will get to the stands.

Marvel manages to swing for the fences with the media (and infuriate retailers across the country) with Captain America's surprise death... but they can't tell us what happens next for two months? My previous rant about Marvel and 'monthly' comics was related to the delay in Civil War, and it's affect on several key flagship titles, grinding the Marvel Universe to a halt. (Little title's nobody's heard of like The Amazing Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.)

DC's answer to the problem would be to supply us with fill-in stories. Honestly, after seeing some of the fill-in stories for Grant Morrison and Paul Dini's run on the Bat-books, I can see why you should be careful when it comes to fill-in work. But the filler stories we're getting in the Superman books are possibly better than the stories they're filling in for.

Ultimately, while it may irritate me, Marvel's the one not picking up their $2.99 for a month. I guess we'll have to look at the sales of Captain America #26 to see if it pays off.

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