Monday, June 18, 2007

On Convention Panels

The one aspect of HeroesCon that disappointed me this year was the panel discussions.

I'm not saying that I regret going. After all, when you're schlepping a backpack full of comics, and carryinganother full bag or two, any opportunity you get to sit down for awhile can be welcome. Especially in a convention center full of people. So on that score, at the very least, it was a blazing success.

Buyt on the information front, I just couldn't help being disappointed.

I'll start with DC's Countdown panel. This one was definitely a better panel than the Marvel alternative, I've got to say that. There was some actual information given, but most of it seemed to be that the question is answered in Sinestro War #1 later this month. That issue must have the smallest font ever developed to cram in everything they said it would answer. But right of the bat, Dan Didio declared that he had a VP of Marketing sitting in the front row to help him out with what he could and couldn't say, which was a bit disappointing. But hey, at least we had DC's EiC on the spot. I heard enough to sell me on the Sinestro Corps, which is the only thing I miss about having dropped Green Lantern en masse months ago. Looks like I'm getting back on the wagon. Or is that off?

But Marvel's Round-Table panel was just a massive disappointment. Joe Quesada, a regular face at HeroesCon was up in Philadelphia for a WizardWorld con, which apparently meant that absolutely no news could be dropped at HeroesCon unless it had already been dropped by Joe Q in Philly. Literally. The only reason they could tell us that Peter David would be picking up She-Hulk after Dan Slott leaves it, is that Joe Q had already announced it.

Seriously, if I'd known that going in, I probably wouldn't have bothered. The only thing that prevented me from getting up and leaving early, I think, was that Peter David was one of the panelists, and after actually having met the man at his signing table, I have a new respect for him.

All told, this hasn't spoiled my impression of my time at the Con. It hasn't even completely ruined my impulse to attend these panels. But I think that in the future, if an Editor in Chief isn't present, I'll only sit in if I'm tired of the dealer room and need a rest.

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