Monday, June 11, 2007

Convention Time

When it comes to my time off, I don't generally want to go too far from home. Most of the things that I enjoy doing with my spare time are right here, so I'm a hard-sell on traveling for vacation. Why would I want to go someplace else to read, lay around, watch movies and play video games? I can do all of those things at home.

But one thing I can't do at home is attend HeroesCon. When there's an Event(TM) reasonaly nearby relating to one of my geeky vices, that's a whole different story.

I seem to recall posting about my love of Free Comic Book Day earlier. This is sortof like that, but bigger. Whereas FCBD was something I was happily able to attend because the stars aligned and my schedule worked out right... I'll rearrange my days off to go to HeroesCon. I make a day of it... and it's a pretty full day. My Little Brother and I will meet up at IHOP for breakfast well in advance of the con opening, then drive up together to be in line when the doors are opened. Last year, for the first time, I realized that sitting in panels and getting in line for signings is a great way to break up my day, so that I'm not just constantly trolling the dealer's floor looking for $.25 back issues from the 80's.

I'm more excited for HeroesCon than I am for most holidays. Thanksgiving? I could eat Turkey anytime I want... HeroesCon is just once a year though! And because it almost always lines up on the weekend closest to my birthday, I usually have disposable income.

Four days and counting down.

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