Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My buddy Chad, at his new home, is musing that the mythical holiday of Wednesday sounds less of a sirens' call in his heart.

Wednesday, a mighty day, derived from Wotan's Day... Wotan being another spelling of Odin, the Allfather of the Norse pantheon. (Just as Thursday is derived from Thor's Day.) And how do we show praise and respect for the Allfather? We call it humpday.

Oh, and we buy comics.

New Comic day still feels to me like a small holiday you get once a week. You have to spend money, but the presents are all for you anyway. I love Wednesdays. They're an anchor for my week. (And when your working hours are completely fluid, I've learned that having one day that stays where it's put for another reason helps keep an objective measure of time.) I happen to note every Wednesday that passes, even if I can't make it to my local Comic Shoppe on that day. (If I can't, comic shopping becomes an errand of first opportunity.)

I hope Chad can find his Wednesday magic, but I can understand that as time marches on, bringing inevitable change that all magic fades. I hope he finds something nice waiting for him today. (Or whenever he makes it down to the Dragon.)

And as an addendum to my earlier speculations about my potential purchases, I wasn't aware that the Death of the New Gods was written by the Sterling Jim Starlin. As a man well acquainted with bringing stories of star-gods and cosmic doom I broke a personal vow to avoid anything that connected to Countdown even a little bit. And the first issue was pretty neat.

My condolences to MM for his loss.

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