Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Calling Danger Ace! Calling Danger Ace!

When I checked my mail this evening, I was thrilled to find my copy of Danger Ace #0 waiting for me. I've talked to Chad a bit about the 'Ace and I'm glad to say that the finished comic is a great read.

And on top of the story, also included are all of the submissions made for the Small Press Idol contest, and the corresponding Judge's commentaries.

While I'll admit that this is the only book I bought from Small Press Idol, I think it's a shame it didn't nab the top spot. The concept, setting and character relationships are a very refreshing change from most 'heroic' comics.

Thanks, Chad, for a good read!

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p said...

I concur. Chad done good on his Danger Ace #0.