Thursday, October 18, 2007

Something I'm a Bit Excited About

Anybody who's talked to me at any length about comics probably knows that I use a database program purchased off the Internet to help keep things in some semblence of order.

In fact, I try to submit my new comics to the online database, including plot summaries in order to help other folks adding books to their collections. They can just download issues from the database online straight into their own local copy of the database. Until now, this hasn't benefitted anybody who doesn't use the same database program.

Until now.

I was peeking in at the Comic Collector Connect website, which until recently just stored statistical information about the database when I noticed a search box on the left hand side. The online database is now searchable via the web. It's got credit and character listings, and if anyone has submitted it, the plot synopsis as well as cover art. For long-running series it looks like it's only showing the last 49 issues or so, but I still think it's pretty neat. Especially considering the odds are good that any plots you read were my submissions.

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