Monday, January 21, 2008

New Comic Day 01/23/08

Well, I find myself stuck around the house sick, imagining just what might await me on Wednesday. (Though it'd be nice if I had some new comics to read today.) So looking forward to that far-off Wednesday, this is what I saw in my future:

For starters, I didn't see New Warriors last week, so hopefully that was delayed until this week. If I can't find it at the Dragon, I'll just have to check online for it. Here's the other stuff I can picture myself buying:

  • ORDER #7
  • SHE-HULK 2 #25
  • X-MEN #207 MC

So what is there to say about it? There's the obvious slant towards Marvel... but that's not really surprising me at this point. I've been aware for a few months that the Marvel books have held a bit more appeal for me than DC lately. Teen Titans is up on the chopping block, though. While the Titans of Tomorrow... Today story arc was pretty middle-of-the-road at best, it did hearken back to the story arc that got me interested in the Teen Titans as a whole. Unless this issue impresses me, I think it's going to be one more DC book that has a date with the axe.

I always look forward to a new issue of The Order. It seems to be a real challenge in either Marvel or DC to start a new title that uses entirely original characters. And the way Fraction ignores the typical group dynamics of a super-team gives the book very different feel. The closest comparison I can come up with is DC's sadly short series, The Power Company as another title that was made up of (I believe) new characters with a very different group dynamic.

And that's about it for my new comic plans for the week. Looks like a light one, which will be appreciated by the wallet. Time for Jason to go dig through the stuff he hasn't filed away yet. I know there's some stuff I haven't read yet in there somewhere.

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p said...

Take heart! Even on slow new comic days, there are still 70 years of back issues to work your way through.