Sunday, October 12, 2008

Darkseid in '08!

With all the wonderful economic and geo-political news today, I think that we all agree that the time has come for a change. Neither the Republicans or Democrats truly have the well being of the US citizens at heart. The third party candidates mean well, but have largely proven incapable of garnering enough attention to have a serious chance. I think it's time for a Fourth Party!

A Fourth World Party!

I'd like to declare that Darkseid is my candidate in these perilous times! Amidst rising inflation and unemployment, as well as the devestation being wrought on the stock market, I say that the only valid choice is no choice at all! In times such as these, Free Will is part of the problem, and Darkseid's platform of Anti-Life is the only answer. Free will just leads to dissatisfaction with things beyond the ability of the average person to change! Surrendering it to Darkseid is the first step to change!

And the best part of all? A vote for Darkseid is a personal victory, regardless of what happens on November 4th! You don't even have to leave your home! Embrace the anti-life equation, and make Darkseid your candidate today!

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