Sunday, July 6, 2008

In Honor of Independence Day

Here in the US, we just celebrated our Independence Day. (I celebrated mine by showing my dependence on my job, and working some overtime.)

As I was perusing some of the comics I've read in the past couple of weeks, I came across the page to the left. Comics fans familiar with the bronze age stuff from the 70's and early 80's will remember those wonderful Hostess cake full-page comic ads that populated both DC and Marvel featuring the likes of Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Spider-Man and The Hulk.

I don't recall seeing this particular page before, but I nearly burst a gut laughing. Hopefully clicking on the page should bring you to a full-size (readable) scan of the page.

Anybody reading the current Captain America series by Ed Brubaker should also get a particular laugh out of how his first story arc might have ended, had Cap been creative enough to employ cream-filled sponge cake!

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