Sunday, July 27, 2008

Duplicate Issues

It happens to just about everybody who acquires enough comics to be considered a collection. Maybe you get a wire crossed in your head between what you want and what you already have. Or maybe you just buy a big box of comics off eBay that was part of an estate sale, and wind up with four copies of the first issue of James Robinson's The Golden Age.

Over time, you're almost destined to wind up with duplicate books... they take up space, and they don't really add anything to your collection. I've been wondering how to handle them for about a month now. Tonight I started giving it more thought. Most of these issues are not anything I paid any princely sum for, and I'm not looking for a lot in return. Really, I'd just want enough to cover postage and send the books on their way. Sadly, most of the sales options that leap to mind have fees bundled in, that make giving the books away problematic at best.

I mean, I've considered giving them away, and in some cases I've gone and done so. But I don't know if I have three friends who would want a copy of the first issue of The Golden Age. Anybody have any suggestions?

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