Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Comic Day 11/21/07

Well, it may be a little later than I intended (I totally blame an impromptu rock-out with my fiancee courtesy of Harmonix's new creation, Rock Band) but it's still Tuesday, which means I've still got time to talk about what I plan to buy tomorrow.

  • BRAVE AND THE BOLD #8 $2.99
  • CHECKMATE #20 $2.99
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #838 (GHUL) $2.99
  • SHADOWPACT #19 $2.99
  • SPIRIT #11 $2.99
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #32 $2.99
  • INCREDIBLE HULK #111 WWH $2.99
  • SHE-HULK 2 #23 $2.99

The stuff that's on the list is generally pretty solid, with the exception of She-Hulk. Peter David didn't really grab me with his first issue and I don't see a career as a bounty hunter offering as many opportunities to look at the Marvel Universe from a funny place as it did while Jen was a lawyer. Still, I'll give him a second issue to sell me on it.

On a separate list, as a comic I'm ashamed to admit that I intend to buy is:

  • NEW X-MEN #44 MC $2.99
I'll confess that I'll probably be purchasing this entirely due to the big X-Men crossover. Compared to the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, the X-Men's answering shot Messiah Complex has dug into me with both claws. That would be a lot better if was actually enjoying the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, but it has the distinction of being something I'm going to read because it's in titles that are all already on my sub form. If the world were judged solely on quality, I'd drop all my Batman books and re-add them when this drek is over but laziness counts for something. Ra's had a great death, a fitting death, and the void created by his death had been neatly taken up by Talia and Nyssa. I'd complain this whole story undermines the consequence of death in the DC universe, but I wouldn't be able to get halfway through the sentence without laughing. Everybody knows that death in the DC universe amounts to nothing more than a rough shot of bronchitis.

But either way you slice it, Messiah Complex has my attention, so good for it. Let's just see if it can keep it.

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