Friday, September 7, 2007

Comic Club: The Confession

Well, last night was the first comic club I'd managed to attend for a few months.

On the chopping block was Marvel's Civil War. The book definitely provoked a lot of heated discussion due to the inconsistent ways that it handles characters. (That was definitely something that held the event back for me.)

I mean, there's the whole Clor thing... in what universe would Reed Richards think that was a good idea? It's got Tony Stark acting more like Batman for having underhanded plans on dealing with his friends and allies. And I'd think Hank Pym would've learned his lesson about creating things he can't control with Ultron. But I have to agree with what I felt some of the consensus was around Cap, in that he wasn't acting like the super-hero Captain America. He was acting more like Cap from the Ultimates, more like a soldier.

On the whole, I do have to judge the book a success... but not due to it's own quality. It was stated that when considering the story's quality, you have to look at all of the stories that have spun out of it. And that's a point I have to concede. But it's also a success in an editorial way. It shook up the status quo of the Marvel Universe and didn't put it right back. But I can't help but wonder just how long it'll stay this way. I mean, in the Endangered Species backup that's proceeding throughout the X-Books for the past few months, we're already working at opening the 'mutant' floodgates again. How long will the new status quo last, with only a few writers really sticking with it?

Who knows? But I'm psyched for next month's comic club. Planet Hulk is the book, and it was a thoroughly awesome read the first time through. I don't have any complaints with reading that one again.

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