Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independents Day!

Okay... posted a bit late, but hey... I had to work. I didn't have a chance to go celebrate Independents Day by purchasing black & white comics from obscure creators.

I figured I'd take a moment though, to muse a little on the new Countdown teaser image DC released... I mean, aside from poking fun at Emo Lex Luthor. (He cuts himself, you know.)

I guess the first thing I noticed is that there are items representing a lot of the heroes of the DC universe in the picture, with a damaged/destroyed look. (Batman's Cowl, Superman's Cape, a broken Green Arrow.

I also noticed that apart from Emo Luthor, all of the other characters are grouped in threes. Cyborg Superman, Kingdom Come Superman, Reign of the Supermen Superman... Mary Marvel, Eclipso, Granny Goodness... Desaad, Trickster and the Penguin. But I was surprised that the Pied Piper wasn't there with Trickster, since apparently their pairing is such a big part of the 'story'... such as it isn't. Sure, Trickster's holding Piper's flute... man, isn't that some imagery I really didn't want.

I wasn't surprised to see Eclipso and Mary Marvel together, but Granny Goodness? But then again, what's Desaad doing with the Penguin and Trickster. Characters in two of the three groups have a connection to Darkseid, so it seems reasonable to assume one of these Supermen does as well. It makes me think back a couple years, but I think a future Superman accepted Darkseid's help in trying to prevent a disaster. This goes back to the beginning of Jeph Loeb's run on Superman/Batman. Was that KC Superman? That would give each group a connection to Darkseid, whose image is featured prominently in the ruined statue. And these groups are surrounding Lex Luthor. Is he having problems with Apokolips?

I don't know... I'm mostly wondering out loud.

Incidentally, I'm going to be out of town for several nights, starting tomorrow night. So C0un7d0wn will have to wait until Sunday evening at the very earliest.

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